• Spectacular scenery
  • Good walking opportunities
  • Natural salt water pool

Barlovento is situated northeast and is the wettest and greenest part of the island due to the prevailing winds. The landscape is rural and covered with pines, laurel forests, heathers and much more and the beauty of the region attracts many visitors each year.

The area is popular with walkers and many ancient paths and tracks can be found throughout the area offering a network of routes.

Barlovento has a large reservoir called Laguna de Barlovento which was originally a natural crater lake and has now been transformed into a fresh water reservoir for the local area. The area next to the reservoir is now used for recreational and camping activities.

Just to the east on the coast you will find Charco de la Fajana, a natural salt water pool area set into volcanic rocks which is a very popular spot for visitors to the area.