As with the Canary Islands in general, La Palma offers good year-round weather and temperatures are usually in the low to mid 20’s during the day.

The peak summer months can be hot and dry with little rain and offer plenty of sunshine. The winter months are still warm but more temperamental so you may need warmer clothing to cater for the rain and slightly cooler temperatures, especially at higher altitudes.

The south of the island is generally hot and dry whilst the north has a wetter climate which is reflected in the green forest areas. Coastal areas generally enjoy warmer temperatures.

The weather is somewhat variable compared to the rest of the Canaries so be prepared. We visited for 2 weeks in February 2008 and experienced both cool, wet days (which I had not packed for!) and absolutely sweltering daytime temperatures so layers are a good option.

As a guide:

  • Highest number of sunshine hours – 7 hours during July & August
  • Warmest average temperatures – July, August, September & October at 23 °c to 24 °c
  • Coolest average temperatures – December, January & February at 18 °c to 19 °c
  • Least rainfall – June, July & August
  • Most rainfall – November & December
  • Warmest sea temperatures – July, August & September